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Extra Curricular

At Woodseaves we aim to offer a range of extra curricular experiences for all of our pupils from Reception to Year Six. Our pupils are consulted each term on the different clubs we offer and we also use parent feedback to inform our choices.

Over 2022-2023 we have run the following extra-curricular clubs:

  • Gymnastics (EYFS and KS1) 

  • Athletics (EYFS and KS1) 

  • Hockey (EYFS and KS1) 

  • Multi Skills (EYFS and KS1)

  • Ballet (EYFS and KS1)

  • Tag Rugby (KS2) 

  • Young Leaders (KS2) 

  • Rounders (KS2) 

  • Hockey (KS2)

  • Character Drawing Club (KS2) 

  • Science Club (KS2)

  • Chess Club (KS2)

  • Netball Club (KS2) 

  • Film Club (KS2)

  • Street Dance (outside provider) all ages 

  • Impact Tennis (outside provider) all ages 

  • Lunchtime Gardening Club, dodgeball, dance and doodling (all ages)

  • Book club (KS2)

  • Football (KS1 and KS2)


Over 2021-2022 we have run the following extra curricular clubs:

  • Gymnastics (EYFS and KS1) 

  • Athletics (EYFS and KS1) 

  • Hockey (EYFS and KS1) 

  • Multi Skills (EYFS and KS1)

  • Ballet (EYFS and KS1)

  • Breakfast Tag Rugby (KS2) 

  • Young Leaders (KS2) 

  • Rounders (KS2) 

  • Hockey (KS2) 

  • Chess Club (KS2) 

  • Character Drawing Club (KS2) 

  • Science Club (KS2)

  • Chess Club (KS2)

  • Netball Club (KS2) 

  • Film Club (KS2)

  • French (KS2)


  • Street Dance (outside provider) all ages 

  • Impact Tennis (outside provider) all ages 

  • Lunchtime Gardening Club (all ages)

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